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  • UV Printing

    UV Printing

    We print indoor and outdoor signs using UV (Ultra Violet) cured inks. This printing technology meets the green printing standards necessary for many projects today and is a welcome addition to the printing world to help protect our environment for the future.

    The Flora Wide Format UV Flatbed Printer has capacity for up to a 4' x 8' material printing, which enables us to print large sign panels or multiple sign panels at one time, saving time and money. This machine is very efficient for printing multiple quantities of signs. Some of the most popular signs we print using the Flora are Real Estate Aluminum Panels, Point of Purchase Displays, Yard Signs, Trade Show Displays and Large Format Wall Board Prints. The biggest advantage of the Flora is its ability to print direct to rigid, flat materials such as aluminum, wood, coroplast (plastic cardboard), foam board, acrylic, PVC and other flat materials.

  • Eco-Solvent Printing

    Eco-Solvent Printing

    We print on outdoor-durable materials - such as 3M white self-adhesive vinyl, perforated window vinyl, PVC display film, fine art canvas, static cling, banner material and a wide range of other specialty media - up to 52 inches wide with our Roland XR-640 Large Format digital printer. Printing from the Roland printer produces superior detail and appearance with up to 720 dpi resolution. It works great for all outdoor applications, including signs, vehicle graphics and decals.

    The Roland is also well suited for printing on indoor materials such as PVC display film, fine art canvas, wall covering, and many other specialty materials. Indoor applications include trade show graphics, point-of-purchase displays, menu systems and interior decoration.

    We print directly on materials with the Roland with the print being inherently waterproof. Most of the vinyl products provide a three year minimum outdoor life for vehicle graphics and outdoor signage while the interior products can maintain a much longer life. We recommend laminating outdoor vinyl products for abrasion resistance and UV protection for a longer outdoor life.

    We print full color graphics for vehicle wraps on 3M IJ180 white self-adhesive vinyl. Although the result is waterproof we apply a vinyl lamination to protect against the abrasion of road grime and the sun's rays keeping the colors vibrant for the life of the vehicle.

    We also print complete pop-up or pull-up trade show displays on the Roland using PVC film. The final products provide high color brilliance, high image definition and long durability.

  • Thermal Printing

    Thermal Printing

    Our Gerber EDGE is a real workhorse, one of the first printers to allow sign professionals to digitally create outdoor durable graphics. We print on 15” wide self adhesive vinyl material, typically white or clear, however, depending on the application and design we can also print on colored and decorator vinyls or static cling material. Products produced on the EDGE include decals, product labels, bumper stickers, window clings and many more.

    The Gerber EDGE is ideal for producing short-run graphics by using heat and pressure to infuse durable resin pigments to the vinyl substrate. Being that it is a heat and pressure transfer process the resulting product is well suited for both indoor and outdoor environments alike. We create full process color graphics or apply spot color foils including metallic gold and silver. When the final product is used in a potentially abrasive environment we recommend laminating the vinyl to provide long lasting protection. Many designs are printed and then contour cut using the Gerber HS15 Plus plotter, via the perforated tracking and marking. We run our Gerber EDGE using Gerber Omega Composer design and print software.

  • Vinyl Lettering and Graphics

    Vinyl Lettering and Graphics

    Computer-cut self-adhesive vinyl is just the ticket for long lasting, vivid spot color for window and vehicle lettering, promotional signs, menu boards, indoor and outdoor banners, posters, ...almost any smooth, non-porous surface. Suitable text can be cut down to a one half inch height or smaller.

    We cut vinyl on either a 30” inch and 54” wide plotter, allowing large graphics without seams (subject to roll widths). Most solid color vinyl comes in 15, 24 or 30 inch wide rolls depending on the vinyl type while much of the digitally printed media comes in 54 inch wide rolls. We stock many standard colors of vinyl and can special order other colors and sizes. Vinyl is not, however, available in an infinite variety of colors, but typically comes in several shades of each color. We'll be happy to show you the colors we stock and are able to order, and can provide you with the approximate vinyl color references to Pantone® colors. Vinyl can be supplied "ready to apply" on backing paper, or we can apply it to a variety of materials including coroplast, PVC, aluminum, and acrylic.

    Full color digitally printed decals can also be computer plotted into circles, ovals, rectangles or full custom contour cut, subject to the plotting limitations of the material being used. Automated optical alignment matches up the decal printing and cutting processes, even after lamination.

  • CNC Routing

    CNC Routing

    Our Saber 404 CNC (Computer Numerical Control) router is ideally suited for dimensional or architectural sign making. The router accomplishes digitally designed letter and graphic routing in both 2D and 3D formats, using many different indoor or outdoor materials - such as wood, high-density urethane (HDU) foam, PVC, acrylic, decorator aluminum and many more. The capacity of our Saber 404 is 54” wide x 4.4” high x 120” long with pull-through software capability. We run our router using Gerber Omega ArtPath cutting software and can import designs from many common CAD platforms.

    Creativity is the name of the game when using the router. Projects can include but are not limited to push-through letters, engraving, drilling, reverse carving, prismatic letters, V-carved letters and graphics. Whether we are producing a building sign, monument sign, parts fabrication or desktop edge-lit display we can incorporate multiple materials and methods to make every design a masterpiece.

    We provide custom cut and carved signs, prototype production parts, short run fabrication parts, plastic or acrylic fabrication, wholesale components and many other custom solutions.

  • Substrates

    The various substrates we offer are used as dimensional cut or formed products in addition to the standard pressure sensitive
    vinyl applications. Pressure sensitive vinyl is typically a mix of both solid color cut and digital print.

    Coroplast - Plastic Fluted Sheet - 4mm (~ 3/16”) and 10mm (~3/8”)
    High impact polypropylene copolymer. At regular temperatures most oils, solvents and water have no effect, allowing it to perform under adverse weather conditions or as a product exposed to harsh chemicals. Light weight, economical, water resistant. Applications: exterior temporary signage.

    PVC Foam Board - 1mm, 3mm, 6mm, 12mm, 19mm
    Lightweight yet rigid board of moderately expanded closed-cell polyvinyl chloride (PVC) extruded into a sheet format with low gloss matte finish. Heat formable and chemical resistant. Primary color is white with limited availability by thickness in yellow, red, black and blue. Medium term application longevity, both interior and exterior (UV breakdown during long-term exposure). Applications: rigid waterproof backing for any interior application, posters, point-of-purchase display, dimensional cutouts, placards, exhibits.

    Aluminum Sheet - .040” and .080”
    Solid aluminum sheet painted white on both sides, standard sizes for real estate riders and sign blanks in the .040” thickness and standard parking signs of 12” x 18” in the .080” thickness. Thinner aluminum is best used within a frame with the thicker material with hold up in a post mounted application. Applications: exterior small scale (<6 square feet) vinyl signs.

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